How Do I Find Out What Year My Boat Motor Is?

How do I tell what year my Yamaha outboard is by the serial number?

To find your Yamaha outboard’s year and model number, locate the identification plate or sticker on the transom mounting bracket.

The ID plate/sticker should be somewhere above the waterline on either the port or starboard side of the bracket..

How fast does a 9.8 mercury go?

A 1973 Mercury 110 9.8 HP outboard on a 14′ Alumarine aluminum boat at full throttle. With 2 passengers and a boat loaded with fishing gear, the GPS recorded a top speed of 30 KPH (19 MPH).

Is Mercury Pro XS a 2 stroke?

Outboard engine OPTIMAX PRO XS 150gasolineboating2-stroke For people who demand speed and acceleration from their outboards, the OptiMax Pro XS is the only choice. Mercury engineers leveraged the Mercury Racing heritage to develop this family of high-performance Direct Injected outboards.

How do I find out what year my Mercury outboard motor is?

Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label. These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured.

Where is the serial number on a Mariner outboard?

Model Number and Serial Number These numbers are located on the transom bracket of the motor.

Is 1000 hours a lot for a boat?

The number of hours that a marine engine runs is very dependent on the amount and quality of maintenance over the years. The typical gasoline marine engine will run fine for the first 1,000 hours.

How do you measure the shaft length on an outboard motor?

If you are measuring for a lower unit replacement and your original lower unit is off of the engine, simply measure from the top of the waterpump to the top of your driveshaft. A shaft length that falls closest to 15 inches is short, closest to 20 inches is long, and so on.

How do I find out what hours my boat motor is?

Inspect the engine for an installed hour meter. The meter can usually be found above the engine or somewhere around the steering area of the boat. The numbers on the meter show how many hours the engine has been in use. If there is no hour meter, one should be installed by a marine mechanic.

What year is a 9.8 Mercury outboard?

the Mastertech!HPYEARHP7.519789.87.519789.87.519789.87.519799.835 more rows

How do I get a new key for my boat?

Contact a reputable locksmith. Or, if you’ve used a locksmith for your car or home in the past and had a good experience, consider calling that locksmith again. They might offer boat key services as well. Finally, be sure that your locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured.

How do you tell the year from a Yamaha Vin?

Read the tenth digit. This digit represents the year that the ATV was made. For example, A=1980, B=1981, Y=2000, 1=2001, 9=2009 and A=2010. This letter or number can repeat (the “A,” for example), but the codes of the other digits in the VIN allow you to know in which year the ATV was made.

Where is the serial number on a boat motor?

You can find the engine serial number on the starboard side of the engine on what’s called the “transom bracket”. The number will start with a 0 or 1, then a letter (eg. A, C, D, T) then 6 numbers. An example is 0G465723.

How many digits is a boat motor serial number?

twelveSince 1973, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations have required that manufactures of vessels affix a twelve-character Hull Identification Number (HIN) to the outside of the transom (stern) above the water line.

Where is the Mercury outboard key code?

For Mercury outboards, the serial number label is located on the transom bracket. You can locate the MerCruiser serial number label on either the side of the engine or on top of the flame arrester cover.

Is 300 hours on a boat motor a lot?

The main limiting factor regarding high hours, is: how many hours is the engine realistically good for? Much like high performance cars, some boat engines are not designed to last forever. If a boat is 10-15 years old, 200-300 hours is most likely not enough, and you’d want to see that number closer to 500 or more.

What is considered low hours on a boat motor?

I would say that no more than 600 or 700 on an outboard or a gas inboard is low. On a diesel no more than 2500 hours is low.

How do I know if my outboard is 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Here are some easy ways to tell if your engine is two-cycle or four-cycle:Look at the fuel cap. … Look for stickers labeling the equipment (e.g., “Four Cycle” or “No Fuel Mixing”).Look for an engine oil fill cap. … The Operator’s Manual will have engine fuel and oil information in it.