Question: Does Petty Larceny Go On Your Record?

Can you get a job with a petty theft misdemeanor?

You should be able to get work, but it depends on the employer.

You can get a dismissal from a court, after completing probation.

That conviction, even if dismissed, must be disclosed to all state county, municipal employers, licensing agencies, and even the lottery..

What is the punishment for petty larceny?

Petty Theft: This crime may be punished by a fine of up to $1,000, a term of imprisonment lasting up to 6 months, or both. For petty theft of property valued below $50, a prosecutor has the discretion to charge the crime as a misdemeanor or an infraction resulting in a fine of up to $250.

Can a larceny charge be dropped?

Whether the charge would be dropped is entirely withing the discretion of the prosecuting attorney. It is not likely it will be dropped but you may be able to plea bargain for a deferred sentence.

How do I get theft off my record?

The only way to expunge your record is to file a motion to expunge pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4. Most criminal clerk windows will give you general direction on how to do that, although they can’t provide you with legal advice. The other option is to hire an attorney to file the motion for you.

Will a misdemeanor ruin my life?

A misdemeanor stays on your record for life unless you successfully petition for expungement. There is no preset “expiration date” for misdemeanor crimes. Even though misdemeanor offenses are less serious than felonies, they are still serious breaches in the eyes of the law.

Will a shoplifting charge ruin my life?

A petit theft or shoplifting charge is not likely to ruin your life. … Any employer that conducts a background check will be put off by someone with a history of theft.

How do you get a petty theft expunged?

If you haven’t yet been convicted, the best way is to get the case dismissed or win the case in court. Talk to your lawyer about this. If you’ve been convicted and were sentenced to probation and you successfully complete probation without any violations, you can petition the court to have your record expunged.

Should I get a lawyer for petty theft?

If you have been charged with petty theft – shoplifting, you are going to want to hire a defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you are innocent of the crime, you do not need to go through the complicated and confusing court system alone. If you are guilty of the crime, hiring a defense lawyer can also benefit you.

Does a shoplifting citation go on your record?

If the police issued a ticket for shoplifting, then you have a court date and you must appear in court on your court date, or hire an attorney to represent you. If you plead guilty, the conviction for shoplifting will stay on your permanent criminal record forever and it can not be expunged (removed).

Is petty larceny a serious crime?

California law defines petty theft as the theft of any property with a value of $950 or less. Petty theft generally is a misdemeanor offense. … Grand theft can result in a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances.

Is petty theft a misdemeanor or felony?

Is Theft Classified as a Felony? In most states, grand theft is classified as a felony, even for a first-time offender. However, petty theft is typically classified as a misdemeanor for first-time offenders in most states.

How long do you go to jail if you steal something?

For first-time offenders who are convicted of the lowest severity level of felony theft, the potential prison sentence can be anywhere from several months to two or three years, though a court may also choose not to impose any jail time.

Does petty larceny stay on your record?

If you are convicted of misdemeanor or felony petty theft, the conviction becomes part of your criminal record and is visible to anyone conducting a criminal background check. It stays on your record until you take action to dismiss or expunge the offense.

How long does retail theft Stay on record?

If you are convicted of retail theft under $100, that conviction will remain on your criminal record forever. It can never be expunged (removed) or sealed.

Will Walmart hire me with a misdemeanor theft?

Depending upon supply and demand of the labor force you may get hired. They may reject anyone with a criminal record or it may not be a critical element of the hiring process. It may affect which job you will be hired for and affect promotion opportunities.