Question: Does Showtime Still Have Late Night?

Does Showtime have after hours?

If you’re in the mood for a little after-hours delight, Showtime is about to become your new best friend.

HBO may have gotten rid of late night offerings like Cathouse and Real Sex, but Showtime is stepping up in their stead by making dozens of adult shows and movies available to stream..

Does HBO still have late night?

HBO has not produced new episodes of its adult series in recent years, although previous seasons were still getting late-night runs on its channels and were offered on demand to streaming video customers who subscribed to HBO Go. The programming was listed under the tab labeled “Late Night.”

How do I stop Showtime after hours?

To enable or make changes to ‘Viewing Restrictions’ for your account, follow these steps on or on your supported mobile device:Sign in to SHOWTIME.Go to ‘Settings’.Select ‘Viewing Restrictions’.Follow the instructions provided.

Did HBO get rid of late night?

According to a report from the LA Times, HBO decided to remove its late-night programming after it became part of the AT&T family back in June. This means that long-running series like Real Sex and Taxicab Confessions will no longer air on any of HBO’s channels or streaming services.

How do I clear my Showtime history?

You can delete a Recently Watched title by clicking on the title and selecting ‘Remove.