Question: What Day Is Senior Day At Cinemark?

What day is Senior Day at Showcase Cinema?

WednesdaySenior Discount Movie Tickets & Popcorn at Showcase.

Senior Wednesdays offers patrons 60 years of age and older a discounted price, at select cinemas, every Wednesday.

The reduced price applies to all movies, including MX4D, XPlus, IMAX®, RealD 3D.

Premium fees are waived where applicable..

How do you get 2 for 1 Odeon tickets?

HOW TO GET YOUR 2 FOR 1 CINEMA TICKETSDownload the MEERKAT MOVIES app or visit into or set up your account to activate your membership and claim your voucher code. You have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any ODEON cinema.

Does Cinemark still do $5 Tuesdays?

For showtimes on Tuesdays, all Cinemark guests are invited to enjoy a special discount* off our regular weekday ticket prices. … Discount Tuesdays tickets can be purchased online or at the theatre box office — only on Tuesdays.

Are Movies $5 on Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday, the theater chain offer its AMC Stubs and AMC Stubs Premiere members Discount Tuesdays — get a ticket starting at $5. The discounted price varies by location. … (Membership is FREE for the basic loyalty program, AMC Stubs.)

How can I get discounted cinema tickets?

Buy a loyalty card If you are a regular at the cinema then a loyalty card may be the cheapest way to buy tickets. Most major cinema chains offer ‘all you can watch’ access for a monthly fee, and if you usually go to the cinema twice or more in a month then it is most certainly cheaper.

How can I save money on cinema tickets?

An easy way to get cheap cinema tickets is to go during off-peak times. The film will be the same whether you go on a Saturday or Tuesday right? So save yourself some cash and get a 15-20% discount when you go before 5 pm from Monday to Thursday. This applies to big chains such as Odeon, Vue cinemas, and Cineworld.

How can I get cheap Odeon tickets?

For £4.50 worth of Clubcard vouchers, you can get an Odeon adult ticket and for £3.50 worth of vouchers, you can get an Odeon child ticket to a film of your choice. If you shop in Tesco’s and collect the Clubcard points then this is a great way of getting cheap Odeon cinema tickets for a snip of the original price.

Is Monday Senior Day at Cinemark?

On Mondays, Seniors Day, save up to an additional 10% on all showings. Discount Restrictions: Available at participating locations only. Qualifying age and discount amount may vary by location.

How old is senior at Cinemark?

62 years oldWhat is Cinemark’s age break for a senior citizen? A senior citizen is considered to be 62 years old and up.

How do I get my AMC $5 tickets?

AMC offers its Stubs members the ability to get discounted $5 or $6 tickets every Tuesday, and AMC Stubs members can now get their discounted tickets directly through Atom! Make sure your Stubs membership information is connected in your Atom account and then just check your local AMC Theatre’s Tuesday showtimes.

What day are movies cheaper?

TuesdayCheap movie tickets! Tuesday is the one day of the week where you can get matinee pricing in the evenings. Even most of the discount, or “dollar”, theatres have lower prices then. This page provides (almost) all the movie chain ticket prices for Tuesdays.

How do I get AMC $5 Tuesday?

AMC Stubs members can get a $5 Cameo Combo (cameo sized fountain drink and popcorn) at any AMC or AMC CLASSIC theatres. Just be sure to present your virtual card, physical card, account number or login email address at purchase.

What day is discount day at Cinemark?

TuesdayIf you’re a movie lover on a budget, mark your calendar for Tuesdays for discounts at Cinemark Theaters. Cinemark offers its weekly Discount Day every Tuesday at participating locations, available exclusively to members of Cinemark Movie Rewards (CMR).

Did AMC stop $5 Tuesdays?

AMC Theaters, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, has had Tuesday as its nationwide discount day. AMC Stubs members, including ones who had a free membership, were eligible for $5 standard 2D tickets every Tuesday and reduced prices for premium tickets. Now, AMC has begun to raise that price.

How much are senior tickets at Cinemark?

Cinemark Ticket PricesAGETICKET PRICEChildren (<12 years)$6.25 - $10.50adults (ages 13 & up)$12.00 $13.50seniors 62+)$6.25 $9.00movies (matinee)54 more rows•mar 13, 2017