Question: What Does Favouritism Mean?

What is favoritism in the workplace called?

From the Italian word for nephew, “nipote,” nepotism is showing favor to family members.

In a work situation, family members may be hired, promoted, or otherwise unfairly favored over other candidates, simply because they’re part of the family..

What does unfairness mean?

Unfairness is what results when a situation isn’t equal or just. A teacher giving good grades to his favorite students is one example of unfairness. When someone doesn’t have to follow the rules, that’s unfairness.

What is a synonym for prejudice?

bigotry, bias, partisanship, partiality, intolerance, discrimination, a jaundiced eye, preference, one-sidedness, unfairness, inequality, inequity. racism, racialism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, classism, fattism. US Jim Crowism. 3’without prejudice to the interests of other countries’

Do bosses have favorites?

Growing up, you may have encountered situations where favoritism was evident. … Unfortunately, favoritism can follow you into the adult working world. While not always on purpose, a boss may naturally gravitate toward someone on his team.

Why do bosses have favorites?

He/she trusts the favorite. It may be that the person has demonstrated his loyalty by making the extra effort to finish a task that is important to his boss, or by being the advocate of his ideas among his peers.

Do moms have favorites?

Turns out Mom and Dad do have a favorite. While they might not admit it to their kids, 23 percent of parents favor one child, and chances are, it’s the baby, a new survey has found. … A little more than quarter of the parents said their oldest was their favorite.

What does favoritism mean?

noun. the favoring of one person or group over others with equal claims; partiality: to show favoritism toward the youngest child. the state of being a favorite.

How do you use favoritism in a sentence?

Favoritism sentence examplesSee, no favoritism between candidates. … Before starting his career, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, Cage changed his last name to avoid favoritism in his career due to his famous relative. … The human agreed not to behave in ways that showed favoritism toward the new cat.More items…

What is the opposite of Favouritism?

favoritism. Antonyms: equity, fair play, fairness, faithfulness, honor, impartiality, integrity, justice, justness, law, lawfulness, legality, rectitude, right, righteousness, rightfulness, truth, uprightness, virtue.

How can you prevent favoritism?

Here are some ways companies that care about their employees can minimize and reduce favoritism before it gets out of hand.Keep your eyes open. … Listen to your employees. … Switch management teams around every so often, and allow team members request a change in leadership.More items…•

How do you deal with favoritism?

ET gets you a few tips on dealing with favouritism at work:Analyse if you are really a victim. Take an honest look to figure out if that ‘favoured’ employee walking away with the bigger raise and promotion actually deserves it more than you. … Maintain a positive attitude. … Avoid gossip. … Speak up. … Look for options.

What is favoritism shown to a relative called?

the practice of giving preferential treatment to a person or persons. nepotism. favoritism shown to nephews or other relatives, as in politics or business. — nepotist, n. — nepotic, adj.

What is another word for favoritism?

What is another word for favoritism?biasdiscriminationnepotismone-sidednesspartialitypartisanshippreferencepreferentialismprejudiceunfairness76 more rows