Question: Which Country Code Is This +380?

How long are country codes?

This standard defines for most of the countries and dependent areas in the world: a two-letter (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) a three-letter (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3), and.

a three-digit numeric (ISO 3166-1 numeric) code..

Which country code is 389?

MacedoniaMacedonia Country Code 389 Country Code MK.

Which country has +96 code?

IranTable of codesNumerical codeAlphabetical codeCountry96IRIran97SYSyria98LBLebanon99IQIraq66 more rows

What country is this code?

Country Codes Alpha-2 & Alpha-3CountryAlpha-2 codeNumericAustraliaAU036AustriaAT040AzerbaijanAZ031Bahamas (the)BS044119 more rows

Which country is UA?

Ukraineua is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ukraine.

What country abbreviation is zz?

Country Code List: ISO 3166-1993 (E)CodeDefinition and ExplanationZMZambiaZRZaireZWZimbabweZZUnknown or unspecified country241 more rows

What country is GB the abbreviation for?

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandGB – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Which country has +35 code?

IrelandThis page details Ireland phone code. The Ireland country code 353 will allow you to call Ireland from another country. Ireland telephone code 353 is dialed after the IDD. Ireland international dialing 353 is followed by an area code.

What is a +1 phone number?

The “+1”, or country code is the first thing you dial to reach a phone line anywhere else in the country. It is usually not required when dialing between phone numbers that are registered in the same geographic region—that is, two numbers that have the same area code.

Which continent is Macedonia?

EuropeNorth Macedonia/Continent

Which country code is 39?

ItalyThe dialing procedures for callers mandate that the full telephone number is always dialed, including the area code, which is called prefix (prefisso in Italian). The country code for calling Italy from abroad is 39.

Which country code is 386?

SloveniaSlovenia Country Code 386 Country Code SI.

What is UA stand for?

AcronymDefinitionUAUkraine (ISO Country Identifier)UAUniversity of Akron (Ohio)UAUser AssistanceUAUnder Armour (stock symbol)93 more rows