Question: Which Is Best Or Better?

Is way more proper English?

This is the adverbial use of “way” to mean “much” or “far.” It is not incorrect to say that something is way better or that you have way more of something, but it is not formal..

What is more than ever?

Español. more than ever adv. (to the greatest extent so far)

Is it less than or less then?

Whenever your expression uses rather or a comparative word such as more, less, older, farther, clearer, etc., your correct choice is than. If you are not making a comparison, the correct word is then. Then shows time, sequence, or consequence.

Is it better than ever or better then ever?

Than is used to compare, so in this sentence, we are comparing before and the present situation. Then is used to denote something that follows something else. For example, I will do my homework and then go to play. But better and before are not two actions that are being preformed, so then will be incorrect.

What is another word for easier?

What is another word for easier?simplerbreezierwieldiermore straightforwardmore painlessmore unchallengingmore uncomplicatedmore unproblematicmore elementarymore obvious23 more rows

How do you use the word better in a sentence?

Better sentence examplesBetter stop by and get Howard Spencer. … We’d better go down for breakfast. … I suppose no place is better than home on Christmas. … I feel much better now. … He seemed in better spirits than usual and awaited his son with great impatience. … He thinks you are better than us. … I thought it would be better if I slept here.More items…

What is another word for better?

What is another word for better?superiorfinergranderenhancedmore desirablemore valuablemore advancedmore enhancedmore excellingmore exceptional18 more rows

What is a good word for best?

What is another word for best?finestleadingpresidingprototypicaluttermostgreathighessentialprioreminent218 more rows

What is more than best?

“Perfect” describes what cannot be improved upon. Contexts will limit how you could use ‘perfect’ or ‘perfectly’, but it’s hard to argue that ‘perfect’ isn’t better than ‘best’. superlative – the meal was superlative! Outstanding, exceptional, stunning, superb.

When to use which vs what?

“Which” is more formal when asking a question that requires a choice between a number of items. You can use “What” if you want, though. Generally speaking, you can replace the usage of “which” with “what” and be OK grammatically. It doesn’t always work the other way around, however.

Is it correct to say more better?

“better” is a comparative form of “good”, so you do not need to (and should not) say “more better”: say either: It is better than your book. It is far better than your book. Using “more better” is against normal grammar, and if it is used it is uneducated and substandard.

Which one is better meaning?

phrase. If you go one better, you do something better than it has been done before or obtain something better than someone else has.

What should I use instead of better?

Synonymsbetter. adjective. more satisfactory, suitable, pleasant, effective, or of higher quality etc.improved. adjective. better than before.superior. adjective. … extraordinary. adjective. … surpassing. adjective. … an improvement on something. phrase. … better still/yet. phrase. … preferable. adjective.More items…

What does I love you more than ever mean?

If I say “I love you more than ever”, it means “I love you more than I ever have before”. If you wanted to use “never”, you’d have to say it more like “I love you like I’ve never loved you before”.