Quick Answer: Can Warriors Use Guns?

Is 2h Fury viable?

Basically it’s viable build, but only really for Horde (because of windfury totem).

You apparently play it by utilizing the ability slam between white swings.

Beyond that, apparently there’s different weapons that work best for the spec, that wouldn’t necessarily be as optimal for other 2h class builds..

Can Warriors use 2 handed swords?

Warriors are the exception, however; due to Patch 3.0. 2 they can dual wield two-handed swords, maces, and axes (spears and staffs are excluded) if they obtain [Titan’s Grip], a Fury specialization passive.

Where does flurry AXE drop?

You need to reach level 42 to be able to use it. It can be received as a drop from 224 different NPCs. The highest chance of drop is from Mosh’Ogg Shaman level 43 – 44.

How rare is Ironfoe?

Source. The mace is a very rare drop from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths. Its drop rate is estimated at 1%.

Can Warriors use thrown weapons?

Warriors can make use of a few thrown weapons. Some have strength on them, most being intended for DPS-Warriors. A few of these also have dodge rating and parry rating on them, being intended for tanking Warriors.

Can orcs use guns?

All hunters can use Guns, Bows, Xbows & even Thrown weapons. … Not guard, the weapon trainer himself will tell you where other trainers are.

Can warrior use bow?

Bows also tend to be great ranged weapons for Warriors, especially while leveling as green Bows with useful stats are often found while playing.

Can Warriors learn bows?

Dwarven, Tauren, and Troll Hunters can learn to use Bows from a Weapon Master. Rogues and Warriors can also learn to use bows from a Weapon Master, with the exception of those who happen to be gnomes. Gnomes cannot learn to use Bows.

Can Warriors learn guns?

Warrior players can train and use all weapon skills (with the exception of Wands).

When can warriors use 2h?

Warriors are the exception, however; due to Patch 3.0. 2 they can dual wield two-handed swords, maces, and axes (spears and staffs are excluded) if they obtain Titans Grip, the Fury talent.

Can Druids use wands?

Druids cannot use wands or ranged weapons, and while they can use melee weapons, they do not benefit from them in the same way as other melee classes. … Weapons are only as good as the stats they have on them.

Is Thrash Blade good?

Thrash is probably one of the best rogue/warrior weapons until 60, just because the proc is so insane. Best of all, it’s free so get it as soon as you can. An excellent 40-49 PVP bracket weapon, wish that shamans could use it! Also, this makes an incredible protection-spec pally weapon.

Can fury warrior dual wield 2h?

Titan’s Grip is a passive warrior ability learned at level 10 for those with the Fury specialization. It allows warriors to dual-wield two-handed weapons. Dual-wielding is only allowed for axes, daggers, fist weapons, maces, polearms, staves, and swords.

What weapons can warriors use?

Warrior: One-handed axes, daggers, fist weapons, one-handed maces, pole arms, staves, one-handed swords, two-handed axes, two-handed maces, two-handed swords, bows, crossbows, guns, and shields. Fury warriors can dual wield both one-handed weapons and certain two-handed weapons with the level 38 ability Titan’s Grip.

Does flurry AXE Proc main hand?

Upon proc, Flurry Axe clearly isn’t landing two blows in one swing like Thrash Blade does in the main hand, and it clearly isn’t giving Thrash Blade an extra swing either when I swing that weapon after a Flurry Axe proc. … axe of the living woods is 2.7sec attackspeed.

Why do Warriors want slow weapons?

More rage means more often for instant attacks. More instant attacks means more crits, means even more flurry. 2 slow weapons give more rage, which is a feedback loop, pushing damage higher just because of the mechanics of the class.

Can Night Elves use guns?

Any RACE (eg night elf, human, undead, blood elf) can use guns; however only 3 CLASSES (hunter, warrior, and rouge) of the races can.