Quick Answer: Can You Fill Up Your Own Cup At QT?

How does Sheetz scan and go work?

Essentially, when you walk into a Sheetz location, the Sheetz app activates the SHcan & Go.

feature (if your GPS data is being shared with the Sheetz app in your app permissions) and then you can use your phone to scan convenience items like drinks and snacks and pay for them directly through the app..

Does Qt have ice cream?

Frozen Treats: QT Twister – Premium soft serve vanilla ice cream blended with your choice of candies or flavors. Options include M&M®, Butterfinger®, Oreo® and Reese’s® candy pieces.

What flavor is Rooster Booster?

It indeed is supposed to cherry flavored, and it isn’t that bad.

How much is a cup of coffee at Circle K?

We’re spilling the beans on our Simply Great Coffee Every cup is now freshly ground for you from quality whole beans. Choose your favorite from a variety of blends and flavors, make it hot or ice cold, and dress it up any way you like. All starting at just $1. From bean to brewed-and-in-your-hands in under a minute!

Can you get free refills at Circle K?

HERE’S WHAT’S GOING ON IN-STORE NOW! Get 6 free refills of hot beverages when you purchase a mug.

What brand of coffee does QuikTrip use?

QT Original Ground Coffee 27 ozEnjoy your favorite road trip coffee without ever leaving home when you choose QT Original Ground Coffee 27 oz. It’s the signature blend for self-serve QuikTrip convenience stores across the country, and now you can enjoy it from your favorite mug.

Does green tea have caffeine?

Although there is caffeine in green tea, it contains less caffeine than black tea, and in turn black tea has a lot less caffeine than coffee. Whilst green tea gives you a small caffeine boost, it creates a gentler and steadier source of stimulation which apparently can aid concentration.

Does Qt have iced coffee?

Offered at all QT Kitchens in (market name), QT’s cold brew coffee has been grounded, steeped and held cold for 12 hours to create an extra smooth coffee served over ice. … Customers can add sweet cream and choice of one complimentary flavor: hazelnut, vanilla or sugar-free vanilla.

Is Circle K easy pay a credit card?

A: Easy Pay Card: ACH system – Card is linked to your checking account. (Just like a direct deposit). No bank holds! Security – Safer than using a credit card or writing a check since there is no personal information on the card.

Can I fill my own cup at Sheetz?

One of the easiest ways to do this is to bring my own travel mug. The Sheetz store I always stop at on my way to Carlisle charges only $0.95 to refill my own mug, but at least a quarter more for a small in a cup they provide. Plus with my My Sheetz Card I get a free cup after purchasing ten.

Does QuikTrip sell alcohol?

In 7 of the 9 states QuikTrip has locations, we can sell same-strength beer and wine, and in 4 of the states we can also sell spirits. … The liquor store industry will use the youth access argument again. The fact is that our industry does a better job in restricting sales.

Does Sheetz have free refills?

The cups are preloaded with three free refills upon purchase, and customers can add a prepaid dollar amount to the cups. Then they simply rest the cup on the RapidPay kiosk platform and are prompted with on-screen steps to complete the transaction.

How much is a big Q at QT?

The best deal on fountain drinks at QT is the Big Q, a 32 ounce beverage for only 79 cents.

How much is a refill at QuikTrip?

@MatthewrMoore We do offer a price break on self-serve refills. Prices, based on size & type, are listed by the coffee and fountain areas 🙂 Up to 34oz is $0.79, 35oz to 100oz is $1.09 and a gallon is $1.59 for fountain refills. We hope this helps.

Does QT slushy?

Frozen Drinks Conquer your blistering thirst with the coldest QT has to offer: an icy, flavor-infused Freezoni® or a refreshing Smoothie. Freezoni frozen drinks are calibrated with the quality and precision you expect from QT, and come in a variety of intense flavors.

What brand of tea does QuikTrip use?

In a cold case exclusively displaying tea there is QT private label and tall cans of Xing Green Tea and Xing Energy iced teas. Xing is a line from Denver-based New Age Beverages available in 12 flavors including grapefruit, tangerine and mad melon. Lipton offerings rounded out the selection.

Can you get free refills at Sheetz?

Purchase the Rapid Pay Mug (Mugs come loaded with 3 Free Refills!) Head to the Kiosk, scan your mug, and go!

How much does a polar pop cost?

She must have known I was on a budget and an individual who enjoys trying new things, so I made a conscious decision to purchase a Polar Pop at the thrifty price of 79 cents, plus tax.