Quick Answer: How Do I Get In Touch With BBC Radio 2?

How do I email BBC Radio 4?

Send us an email now to: fileon4@bbc.co.uk Sometimes we invite listeners to take part in the programme and will mail you back if so..

How do I complain to the BBC about a Programme?

If you want to make a complaint, please visit the BBC Complaints website where you’ll find responses to recent complaints, details of how to complain and information on the complaints process.

Radio Programme Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2 is described by fans as: Entertaining, Good-humoured, Good DJ/Presenter, Plays good music and Funny.

How do I send a message to BBC Radio 2?

Contact usSms. 88291 – text during show times only. [Texts will be charged at your standard message rate. … Email. zoeball@bbc.co.uk.Other. Write to Zoe at BBC Radio 2, London, W1A 1AA.Other. Travel Hotline – 03700 100 200. Standard geographic charges apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider’s call package.

Is Jeremy Vine on Radio 2?

BBC Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine – Available now.

How can I contact Jeremy Vine on five?

If you’d like to be in the Jeremy Vine audience we’d love to have you! To apply for tickets either text AUDIENCE to 85525 (texts will be charged at the standard network rate) or email us at jvaudience@itn.co.uk.

How can I contact vine?

Call VINE from a touch-tone phone at (888) VINE-4NY that is (888) 846-3469.

How do I complain about a BBC sound?

Just click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any FAQ to reach the webform. You can use our webform to report an issue, leave feedback, ask a question, make a suggestion, or make a complaint. We’ll get back in touch with you via email as soon as we can.

What was the first song played on Radio 2?

Terry Wogan made his Radio 2 debut in 1967, presenting show Late Night Extra – “on the beat with music and news [and] off the record with pop”. 15. The Radio 1 Roadshow began in July 1973 with a Land Rover pulling a converted caravan around British holiday resorts.

How do I send a message to BBC Breakfast?

You can text us on 61124. Please only send us text messages when we’re on-air, otherwise your message may not be seen but you will still be charged your standard message rate. Our postal address is: Breakfast TV, Rm 1605, News Centre, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ.

How do you get in touch with the BBC?

You can send us your views on the coverage of events by BBC News, in the following ways:By email. newswatch@bbc.co.uk.On Twitter. twitter.com/newswatchbbc.By telephone. 0370 010 6676.By post. Newswatch. W1 NBH 03D. BBC Broadcasting House. London W1A 1AA.

How do I get BBC radio?

Just search for “BBC iPlayer Radio” in your app store. You can always listen to BBC Radio via the BBC Sounds website, too. It’s not possible to download on the international BBC iPlayer Radio app.

How do I contact the Today program?

Contact usOther. Today Programme, W1 NBH 03C, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. Postal Address.Email. today@bbc.co.uk. Email Address.

How can I contact the BBC by email?

Contact usBy email. Email us on yourlondon@bbc.co.uk.By post. Write to: BBC London News. 2nd Floor Egton Wing. BBC Broadcasting House. Portland Place. London. W1A 1AA.Facebook. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/BBCLondon.Twitter. Follow us on Twitter at @BBCLondonNews.

Where is the BBC Radio 2 studio?

Radio 2 broadcasts throughout the UK on FM between 88.1 MHz and 90.2 MHz from studios in Wogan House, adjacent to Broadcasting House in central London.

How do I complain about a BBC report?

To report factual or grammatical issues with our online stories. To report a technical issue with the News website or app. If you want to complain about any BBC news output, go to the BBC Complaints website.

How do I find a song that was played on the radio?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations.

How do I send a message to BBC Radio 1?

Texting: You can text us on 81199. Texts will not be included in your inclusive text bundles, and the exact cost of each message depends on your service provider – it is typically between 10 and 15 pence per message.

How do you text the Jeremy Vine show?

Email the show.Call: 0500 288 291.Text: 88291. (Network charges apply)