Quick Answer: How Do You Store Idli Dosa Batter?

Why is my dosa not crispy?

Why is my dosa not crispy: well, follow the ratios of dal, rice and other ingredients in this recipe and use a cast iron pan to make the dosa.

I guarantee you will have a nice crisp dosa.

Why is my dosa sticking to the pan: if you are using a cast iron, it’s probably because your pan isn’t seasoned well..

How many days we can keep idli batter in fridge?

5 daysIdli that is made from batter kept in fridge for 5 days & fermented inside fridge – YouTube.

Can you ferment dosa batter overnight?

Leave it outside overnight. Do not cover the rice airtight. Used this cooked rice when grinding other ingredients. Using more cooked rice will increase the rate of fermentation but might change the texture of the batter.

What happens if dosa batter is not fermented?

[If you see batter sticking to the dosa, cook it for few more seconds.] Since the recipe here is with a dosa batter that did not ferment well, we cannot expect a taste similar to normal dosas. For some, who has got a devil’s tongue like mine, these kutty dosas might taste bland. If you feel so, add a tbsp.

Why my dosa is white?

If the dosas are not getting a nice golden color and look pale white, the heat is too low. The griddle is not hot enough. Usually the first two dosa never come out perfectly. It takes some time to season the pan and achieve the correct temperature to make perfect dosa.

Why do we add POHA in dosa batter?

It is good practice to add a few fenugreek seeds (methi or vendayam) to aid in the fermentation process and make soft idlis. Another helpful ingredient is a handful of cooked rice or flattened rice flakes (aval or poha).

How many hours should dosa batter ferment?

12-14 hoursThe time will depend on where you live. Here it takes around 12-14 hours for the batter to ferment. If not using an Instant Pot, cover the container and place in an oven with lights on (especially if you live in a cold place). If you live in a very warm place, then simply keep the batter on the counter to ferment.

Can we keep dosa batter in sun?

Once it is on for 2-3 hours, it creates a warm environment sufficient enough to ferment the batter. The below batter is fermented with oven light on for just 2-3 hours. If you have done any baking at all in the oven, your oven would be hot on that day.

How do you store idli dosa batter?

Preserving dosa idli batter in natural way by putting banana leaves or beetle leaves. Grind the batter, mix well and keep for fermentation. Keep in fridge. When you take out for preparing it, keep it out of the fridge to bring to room temperature.

Can idli batter be used for dosa?

This is only half right. They are similar, but at the same time, they are different. Now, that being said some of the difference is also in how the end product is made. You could potentially use idli batter to make dosa and everything would work out just fine.

What happens if urad dal is more in dosa batter?

Excess amount of urad dal will not make idli hard on the other hand idlis will become very flat. If the proportion of rice is high it will impart hard texture. While grinding idli batter,always grind soaked rice first then grind the soaked urad dal. … Because if the batter is too thick,then the idli will be hard.

Why is dosa batter pink?

Soak both in a seperate container each, and grind urad daal, and mix idli rava once u are done grinding urad daal, and put is in a oven, by next day evening, the batter should rise, the only reason batter will get spoiled and smells bad with pink layer forming is if u add more water while grinding or later, make sure …

Can we make dosa immediately after grinding?

Yes, we can prepare dosa. If you want to make dosa immediately add some curd mix it well keep 10 -15 minutes then try. … The traditional dosa made of rice and urad dal must be allowed to ferment for a few hours to get the right texture.

Why does dosa batter smell bad?

It seems you left the batter outside fridge even after fermentation. Old rice powder can also be a reason. Rice powder , sooji and Maida should be consumed fresh otherwise they taste bitter and smell bad. For making dosa you need not put soda .

Does dosa batter go bad?

Dosa batter can be stored for as long as 1 week or even more. This is for batter that is not fermented. … And if you have fermented more than you need, then take the quantity required for cooking and keep the rest in the fridge.