Quick Answer: What Does Assail Mean?

What is Inculpate?

verb (used with object), in·cul·pat·ed, in·cul·pat·ing.

to charge with fault; blame; accuse.

to involve in a charge; incriminate..

How do you use banal in a sentence?

Banal sentence examplesHe doesn’t like English poetry, he finds it very banal. … Is it banal to dress up as a 1965 hippie? … It was a banal, yet apparently necessary, observation about British society today. … The store was filled with banal, mass-produced objects.More items…

What is the synonym of assail?

Some common synonyms of assail are assault, attack, bombard, and storm. While all these words mean “to make an onslaught upon,” assail implies attempting to break down resistance by repeated blows or shots.

How do you use the word assiduous in a sentence?

Burke, on the contrary, was assiduous and orderly, and had none of the vices of profusion. He was assiduous in his attendance on Queen Hortense until the Hundred Days brought him into active service again. The years 1865-1870 were occupied with assiduous labour.

What does concerted mean?

adjective. contrived or arranged by agreement; planned or devised together: a concerted effort. done or performed together or in cooperation: a concerted attack.

How do you use awry in a sentence?

Awry in a Sentence 🔉After we hit the deer, our road trip seemed to go awry and off course. … The inexperienced teacher did not know how to proceed when the troublesome student made her schedule go awry. … When the serial killer was released from prison, everyone knew the justice system had gone awry.More items…

Can one person make a concerted effort?

The dictionaries I’ve checked say a “concerted effort” is something done collectively. … Standard dictionaries, too, are now recognizing this more recent sense. So a determined effort can be described as “concerted” whether it’s made by one person or many.

What means concerned?

adjective. interested or affected: concerned citizens. troubled or anxious: a concerned look. having a connection or involvement; participating: They arrested all those concerned in the kidnapping.

What does consorted mean?

intransitive verb. If you say that someone consorts with a particular person or group, you mean that they spend a lot of time with them, and usually that you do not think this is a good thing. [formal, disapproval] He regularly consorted with known drug-dealers.

What is the word for when something goes wrong?

Synonyms of ‘go wrong’ The deal fell through. come to nothing. miscarry. My career miscarried when I thought I had everything. misfire.

How do you use assail in a sentence?

Assail in a Sentence 🔉If anyone ever talks negatively about Alex’s father, his response is to assail the person with insults. … Because fits of sneezing assail me almost year-round, I never go outside without taking an antihistamine. … When difficult circumstances assail my tranquility, I turn to meditation.More items…

What does assailing eyes mean?

to impinge upon; make an impact on; beset: His mind was assailed by conflicting arguments. The light assailed their eyes.