What Is NC Mean?

What does NC stand for in food?

NC stands for Nutrition Consultant (aka Nutritional Consultant).

Where does NC rank in education?

North Carolina ranked 48th in the nation in school spending in the report. After making regional adjustments, Lloyd said North Carolina spent $9,367 per student compared to a national average of $12,756. Vermont led the nation with an adjusted spending of $20,540 per student.

What is NC full form?

Numerus Clausus (NC)

What is the point of no contact?

In general, No Contact is a useful tool for getting over a breakup. It helps individuals realize that the past is over and that they need to move on and learn how to live life without their exes. In some cases, after a period of No Contact, the exes do get back together again.

Why is NC 17 rating bad?

CORNISH: Oh, and he’s sadistic, and there are some graphic violent and sexual content. So the movie won an NC-17 rating. That means no one 17 or under will be admitted into a theater showing “Killer Joe,” and it means some theater chains won’t even play the film.

Is NC 17 still used?

In a third city, Evanston, Illinois, the Cinemark Century 12 announced it would make an exception to the parent chain’s across-the-board ban of NC-17 films and would book Blue. … Even for a movie whose target audience expects to see explicit sex, the NC-17 is still an iffy commercial prospect, at best.

What does NC stand for in education?

No CreditNo Credit (NC) is assigned for work equivalent to C-, D+, D, D- or F for undergraduate courses, and to B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- or F for post-baccalaureate and graduate courses. NC grades are not included in the calculation of GPA.

What does NC stand for in physics?

Nanocoulombs to coulombsNanocoulombs to coulombs conversion Nanocoulombs (nC) to coulombs (C) electric charge conversion calculator and how to convert.

What does NC stand for in science?

Normally Closed (switch or valve) NC. Numerical Control.

What does PL stand for in education?

Personalized LearningPersonalized Learning (PL) is a one-size-fits-one approach to instruction that (1) taps into each student’s strengths, needs, and interests to customize learning and (2) supports student voice and choice in what, how, when, and where they learn to ensure that all students achieve at their greatest potential.

What does NC mean in a text?

No CommentNC means “No Comment” or “No Choice” So now you know – NC means “No Comment” or “No Choice” – don’t thank us. YW! What does NC mean? NC is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NC definition is given.

What does NC mean in relationships?

relationship with census sizePrecise estimates of cohort-specific Nb were quantified across a wide range of population sizes that allowed drawing the relationship with census size (Nc).

What does NC stand for in NC 17?

No Children underDefinition. NC-17. No One 17 and Under Admitted (MPAA rating) NC-17. No Children under 17 years of age (movie rating)

Is there anything worse than NC 17?

Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated NC-17: No children under 17 admitted.