What’S The Difference Between Like And Follow On Facebook Page?

Can I see who follows my page on Facebook?

To check to see who is following you on Facebook, first go to your profile page.

Under your cover photo click Friends.

While in the Friends tab, click More, then Followers.

If you don’t see this option, it means you don’t have any followers or you haven’t enabled that feature on your account..

When you like a page on Facebook who sees it?

Most do). Their posts will begin showing up in your newsfeed, but they (the page) have no access to it. They cannot see your friends posts or other pages you’ve liked (unless that information is public on your profile, and they physically go look for that information).

Why would someone follow a page but not like it?

Why would someone do this? Maybe they like the company or organisation, but don’t want to be shown the page updates. It is also possible that they originally liked your page as a friend, and don’t want to offend you by unliking – so they simply choose not to see your updates.

Can I follow a page without liking it?

People can follow a Page, even if they haven’t liked it. The name or the profile picture of the person who likes the Page may be shown on the Page or in ads about the Page.

What happens when you follow a page on Facebook?

You automatically follow people who you’re friends with. You can also follow Pages (example: businesses, organizations, brands) and people who aren’t your friend on Facebook but allow everybody to follow them. When you follow someone or a Page, you may see updates from that person or Page in your News Feed.

Is following a Facebook page the same as liking it?

When someone likes a Page they are by default also following it. Someone who likes a Page can choose to unfollow the Page. In that case the person is still shown as liking the Page, but they will not see all of the Page’s posts. … So it is possible to follow a page and to not like it.

Why does my Facebook page have more followers than likes?

The main reason why you have more likes than followers is that some people have chosen to unfollow your page. They want to continue to show that they like your brand, and by keeping their page like in place, they can do things like enter your contests on Gleam or have your brand show up in their list of liked pages.

How do I follow a Facebook page without liking it?

But, unlike Facebook Timelines — which sometimes allow you to follow individuals whom you haven’t befriended — you can’t follow any Facebook pages that you haven’t first liked. Hence, you must click a Facebook page’s Like button to activate its “Follow” button, which otherwise remains dimmed.

Is it better to like or follow on Facebook?

It depends on what type of likes you have and Facebook. Also as you can see it’s hard to separate the Facebook likes and follows. A like paired with a follow is the best type of like for a Page to have. Someone who has liked a Page but unfollowed it is not much more valuable than someone who hasn’t liked a Page.

Can I like something on Facebook privately?

Select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes from the menu. Select the downward triangle next to the category you wish to make private. Select the level of privacy you want for the like visibility of the category. Your options include: Public, Friends, Only me, Custom, Close Friends, and Family.

How can you have more followers than likes on Facebook?

Here are 18 ways to increase Facebook likes and Facebook followers:Run Facebook Ads. … Invite People to Like Your Page. … Create Viral Content. … Host a Giveaway. … Post Attention Grabbing Content. … Add a Facebook Likes Pop-Up. … Try Out Facebook Live. … Partner with an Influencer.More items…•