Which Season Of Lost Is The Best?

What happened to Annie in Lost?

Annie left in 1977 She left the island in 1977, when Pierre Chang evacuated the island of all non-essential personnel (particularly women and children).

Few who left in that evacuation made their way back to the Island so Ben never found her again..

Which lost seasons are worth watching?

The series is never as incredible as it was in the first season, and there are chunks of the second and third seasons that could be cut out without losing anything, in terms of the overall plot and character arcs. But, overall, it is definitely worth watching; in fact, I’d recommend watching it twice.

Who is the best character on Lost?

Lost: Top 10 Fan Favorite Characters, Ranked8 Charlie Pace. … 7 John Locke. … 6 Ben Linus. … 5 Sayid Jarrah. … 4 Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. … 3 Kate Austen. … 2 James “Sawyer” Ford. … 1 Jack Shephard. The doctor, who from the beginning cemented his position as the leader even if he didn’t want it at first.More items…•

Who does Kate from Lost end up with?

Finally, One Lost Mystery Solved And what exactly was the island??), but we did get a resolution to at least one 6-year mystery: The Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle. Finally (finally!) Kate made her choice—Jack.

When did they all die in Lost?

Juliet dies at the beginning of season six after falling down a shaft and detonating a bomb. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine.

Will lost come back?

“We so definitively had decided that this was the end of our journey with the Lost franchise. “It is the end of the story that we wanted to tell and we had no plans to go back and revisit it.

What is the best episode of Lost?

The 10 Best Episodes Of ‘Lost’“Through the Looking Glass” (Season 3, Episode 22-23)“The Constant” (Season 4, Episode 5) … “Walkabout” (Season 1, Episode 4) … “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1-2) … “Exodus” (Season 1, Episode 23-25) … “The Incident” (Season 5, Episode 16-17) … “Man of Science, Man of Faith” (Season 2, Episode 1) … More items…

Does Jack in Lost die?

Yes, now. On the Island, Jack died from his wounds from battling Fake Locke/The Man In Black/the Smoke Monster and from restoring the light at the center of the Island. … Charlie went to the same place when he died in the Looking Glass station. Locke (the real one) went there when he was strangled off-Island.

Is Lost worth rewatching?

It’s incredibly rich on the rewatch. Lost is a way of life. I absolutely adore re-reading books and re-watching shows and movies and such, so as someone with a lot of experience in this sort of thing, Lost may in fact be the very best story to experience a second time.

Is the lost series on Netflix?

Watch Now on Netflix Abrams’s cult hit series won 10 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series for 2005.

Why did they kill off Charlie in Lost?

The reason Charlie chose to die was because that was the way Desmond said it was meant to happen. Flip the switch, drown, Claire and Aaron get saved. After he flipped the swtich and realized Mikhail was about to break the Looking Glass, he knew that this was Desmond’s vision – his destiny.

Who is the main villain in Lost?

The Man in BlackThe fictional character and the main antagonist on the American ABC television series Lost is most frequently referred to as The Man in Black (but also referred to as “The Smoke Monster” or simply “The Monster” by the main characters).

How long does it take to watch all of Lost?

Time Requirements: 90 hours (3.75 days). Each episode averages about 43 minutes, so if you clock 10 hour-days (600 minutes, or about 14 episodes) on Saturdays and Sundays, it’ll only take up a cool 4.5 weekends, or nine days, of your life.

Does lost ever make sense?

Originally Answered: Will Lost make any sense by the end of the season? No. The plot has completely dissembled since the first season which is too bad. Lost’s season one was truly a case of a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters.

Is Lost Series scary?

It is in no way scary. The story is simly mind-blowing, each and every actor is excellent, an so is each and every character. You can feel comfortable to watch it, you won’t regret it.

Who is the father of Kate’s baby on Lost?

William Blanchette as baby Aaron in Season 2.

Is there Lost Season 7?

Lost season 7: New series is ‘inevitable’, says showrunner.

Where Can I Find Lost Episodes?

IMDb TV, a free streaming service owned by Amazon, will be the exclusive free streaming service for Lost, according to Variety. Fans of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s ABC drama will be available to stream the episodes beginning May 1st, marking the 10th anniversary month of the series finale.

Does Sawyer die in Lost?

When Sawyer is shot on the raft his injury, and journey to return to the island camp, leaves him septic and very near death. Despite the discovery of the hatch and all the supplies it has to offer, everyone believes Sawyer will die. He doesn’t. He regains his health and lives.

Is lost one of the best shows ever?

Yes, Lost is the greatest show in television history. Not for the bizarre sci-fi elements, the numerous twists, or the carefully managed six-season narrative. Lost’s greatness is in its characters, the richest cast of broken souls we’ve ever seen on TV.

How many episodes are in the final season of Lost?

121Lost/Number of episodes