Who Broke Into Daniel’S House Coronation Street?

Who is leaving Corrie Street?

BEVERLEY CALLARD has confirmed she’s going to be leaving ITV soap Coronation Street as Liz McDonald..

Who plays Bertie on Corrie?

Eli Morgan-Smith Ellis BlainBertie OsbourneCoronation Street characterPortrayed byRufus & Eli Morgan-Smith Ellis BlainDuration2019−First appearanceEpisode 9667 14 January 20193 more rows

Does Daniel cheat on Sinead?

Coronation Street’s Daniel cheats on Sinead as she dies alone in devastating trailer.

What happened with Bethany and Daniel?

Bethany was understandably mortified, and heartbroken at the realisation that Daniel is still in love with Sinead. She agreed to meet with Daniel and talk about what happened. She said that she can’t live in someone else’s shadow and was leaving Weatherfield today and on her own.

Who is leaving Coronation Street 2020?

After five years of twists and turns for Bethany Platt and a long running grooming storyline that captured the nation’s attention and won actress Lucy Fallon awards for her performance, the star is leaving the soap.

Why did Bethany leave Corrie?

Bethany Platt has left Coronation Street for a new life in London after her doomed romance with Daniel Osbourne collapsed. The character’s emotional exit scenes on Wednesday 4th March brought Lucy Fallon’s five years on the cobbles to a close.

What is wrong with Sinead on Corrie?

Sinead will be leaving Corrie as she dies of cervical cancer. First diagnosed in 2018, she initially seemed to respond to treatment, but she eventually opted for holistic treatment after she began to fear that chemotherapy would harm her then-unborn son Bertie.

Who burgled Daniel Corrie?

They all gather at the Rovers for the wake but Daniel tells Peter that he is going to watch the videos Sinead made for him and Bertie. Unbeknown to him, his flat is being burgled – with the burglar stealing Daniel’s laptop.

Who stole Daniels laptop?

However, the true culprit comes to light when Daniel’s missing laptop is found at the home of evil Kel Hinchley. Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, recently confirmed that his character will become obsessed with Sinead’s videos once he gets them back.

What did Daniel do to Sinead?

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne collapses after alcohol overdose as wife Sinead Tinker dies of cancer.

Is Daniel leaving Coronation St?

Will Daniel leave Coronation Street? There are no plans for Daniel to leave Weatherfield however it’s not known how his fate with Bethany will unravel. … Meanwhile, Corrie bosses revealed Bethany’s departure will definitely end in tears.

Is Daniel going out of Coronation Street?

According to The Sun, Coronation Street stars Daniel Brocklebank and Rob Mallard are going out! After Rob joined the soap last November as Ken Barlow’s long-lost son Daniel Osbourne, the couple became close friends.