Who Does Freya End Up With?

Who does Freya marry in the originals?

KeelinYes, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Whatever the case, I was thrilled to read that Freya and Keelin (Christina Moses) named their son after Freya’s brother Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson.

[Freya] is still happily married with her wife Keelin, and they have a child..

Who is Ingrid pregnant by Witches of East End?

Friedman teased about who’s the father of Ingrid’s baby in an interview with TVLine. She revealed that Dash might very well be the father of the child, after Ingrid reportedly became intimate with him. She said, “Yes, exactly. She doesn’t know, so that’s going to be a big mystery when (I hope) we begin Season 3.

Who is Freya and Ingrid’s father?

Victor BeauchampVictor Beauchamp was a powerful warlock. He is the the ex-husband of Joanna Beauchamp and the father of Freya, Ingrid, and Frederick Beauchamp.

Why did Witches of East End stop?

Witches of East End is an American television series based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz. … On November 4, 2014, Lifetime cancelled Witches of East End after a decline in ratings during the second season.

Who does Freya end up with in the book?

The youngest daughter of Joanna Beauchamp, Freya is also the wildest and the most unpredictable member of the family. At the beginning of the book series, Freya is preparing for her upcoming wedding with Bran Gardiner, a rich business man who fell in love with her the moment they met.

What episode does Freya marry Keelin?

The couple — which became engaged after an explosion nearly claimed Keelin’s life, putting things into perspective for Freya — officially ties the knot on the show’s July 18 episode (The CW, 9/8c), appropriately titled “’Til the Day I Die.” (You know, because it would be too much to ask for a wedding in this franchise …

Does Freya get her powers back?

There was a surprise family reunion on the penultimate episode of “Witches of East End.” Desperate to help Freya regain her powers after the shapeshifter Penelope stole them, Wendy called in the last person anyone else in the family expected to see, the girls’ father Victor.

Does Kol marry Davina?

In Season Four, Kol and Davina are later reunited after the Hollow resurrects Davina. … Kol and Davina then leave New Orleans to see the world together. In Season Five, it is revealed the two married each other.

Does Freya die?

Dominic explains that he knows she is important to Freya, but nine of his groupies have probably already killed her. Freya becomes so angry that she uses all of her power on Dominic, which knocks him out of the protective stick boundaries. Dominic takes his chance and kills Freya. HE KILLS HER.

How does Marcel die?

Marcel Gerard (Season 3, episode 21) During season 3, he actually became the beast that would end the Mikaelson family and for a moment there I was cheering on his side. Believing that Marcel had yet to take the serum, Elijah rips his heart out and lets his body fall to the bottom of the river.

Will Witches of East End ever come back?

It appears the magic has run out for Witches of East End. Lifetime’s supernatural drama about the all-powerful Beauchamp family has been cancelled after just two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

Does Freya and Keelin get together?

They’ve since begun an official relationship and the two even have sex for the first time in Voodoo Child. When Freya thought she would have to turn into a vampire for her family, Keelin assured her that they would be fine. … After seven years, Freya and Keelin are still together.