Why Is CDKeys So Cheap?

Can you get banned for using CDKeys?

Yes, they’re obtained illegally.

No, you won’t get banned..

Why is CDKeys so cheap Reddit?

The theory is that they buy keys from other countries where the games are cheap. Grey market keys – These come from countries where income is lower so the key prices are reduced so they are affordable there. …

Where do Cdkeys get their keys?

Their keys come from bundles, giveaways, they can be gifts etc. These codes, like all codes, were generated by developers and publishers, so they are legit. Since these sellers just want to get rid of a few spare codes quickly, they often set lower prices.

Does CDKeys work in America?

Nope, it has to be global.

Is CDKeys GREY market?

CDKeys is a gray market seller. People may not have had any issues with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the equivalent of buying a TV from someone’s trunk.

Is CDKeys legit Reddit?

CDkeys aren’t authorized resellers, but the keys there are acquired legitimately. What they do is buying boxed copies or keys from cheaper countries and reselling them, nothing’s wrong with that. If you want to know if you get into trouble for buying from them, don’t be afraid you won’t, the keys are legit.

Is CDKeys legit Reddit Xbox?

No, they are legit. I bought a couple of keys for games and EA Access. Everything worked as it’s supposed to. A few days ago I bought a key for a 1-month subscription for Game Pass and couldn’t redeem it.

Is CDKeys a legit site?

Yes, CDKeys is a legit and safe place to buy game keys. Certainly compared to other peer to peer marketplaces you can rest assured that on CDKeys you are buying legit game keys from an accredited retailer. Certainly it pays to be vigilant when buying online, but CDKeys as as legit as they get.

Is CDKeys better than g2a?

G2A is shady because it’s essentially a marketplace that anyone can submit keys to. So its hard to be sure that the key you’re buying isnt bought with a stolen credit card for example. CDKeys doesn’t allow users to sell keys, they source everything themselves. For the most they sell retail keys from cheaper regions.

Can you refund Cdkeys?

To be eligible for a refund you must complete a refund request within 7 calendar days of your purchase and the product key must not have been redeemed, as stated in our Terms and Conditions (https://www.cdkeys.com/terms-conditions).

Is CDKeys legit Playstation Plus?

No question about it. They are a reliable and trustworthy platform for finding cheap game keys. If you have no problems with going gray-market with your game purchases, you might as well go with cdkeys.com. As is the case with any third-party key reseller, you still run a risk with every purchase.

Why does CDKeys need my phone number?

Like they said, they do it for security to make sure YOU aren’t the scammer. CDKeys is pretty reliable, I’ve purchased a lot of games from them through the years. Yeah I did the phone verification the first time, no big deal.